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Krystal Reeser

My professional experience includes writing, editing, fine art, photography, digital media, book design and coaching. In my free time, I enjoy learning and practicing new languages.



Cadillac Book

Cadillac: A History of a Florida Farm
by Krystal Reeser

Reminisce about old Florida from a time gone by. Cadillac is the tale of a forgotten town in Alachua County. The author, Krystal Reeser, entertains by weaving together local history and Clark family legends. Animal-lovers will be delighted by the stories of pets and horses raised on the Clark farm. It also includes the railway and postal history of the town. The appendix includes Southern heritage recipes like sugar-coated peanuts and cornbread.


Cadillac Book

Developing in 60 Minutes: Linux and Python
by Jedidiah Reeser, Edited by Krystal Reeser

Quickly get started developing in a Linux Environment! This book is for developers that would like to become familiar programming with Python in the Linux environment.




Graphic Design & Marketing


Book Coaching

Do you have a story, but are not sure where to begin? Or do you need help with technical writing, editing, or book design? Contact me for a free consultation.

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